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  • Tryouts DO NOT require a full Athletic Clearance account.  Athletes selected to participate need to complete Athletic Clearance in order to participate in their season of sport.  

  • Athletic Clearance is completed each year of high school, and physical clearance expires after one calendar year.

  • Follow the steps at HOMECAMPUS.COM

  • You will be prompted to upload a completed copy of the CHS/LVUSD ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION HEALTH FORMMake sure this form is signed and stamped by a doctor.  

  • During the process, you also will be instructed to complete the CHS/LVUSD Transportation Waiver This allows transportation to CHS Athletic events by private vehicle.

  • After submitting your materials, the CHS Athletic Department reviews the submission along with the athlete's academic eligibility.  If everything is complete, you will receive an email certifying "Clearance" to participate. 



































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